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[VK] Chapitre 75 VF !

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Dim 16 Oct - 19:49

Merci pour le chapitre! Il est tres bien mais je comprend de - en - ce que Kaname a dans la tete en agissant comme ca fantome

et dsl ca fait un moment que j'ai pas rendu visite au forum honte2



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Jeu 20 Oct - 1:28

Merci Mitsuki je ne l'avais pas vu.

Alors Vivement la semaine prochaine!!!! youpi



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Age : 37
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Dim 23 Oct - 21:31

Petit cadeau !!! j'ai réussi a trouver le chapitre 76 yeah yeah avec 1 jour d'avance
voici le lien

et en prime une traduction en anglais

Title Page - Vampire Knight Seventy-Sixth Night: Dark Pills
Byline: Arrogant blood

Page 1:
Shiki, staring at the tablets: ... you want to give me these?
Takuma: Yup, I’ve already taken this new pill and the flavour is really good
[next panel] You said before the current pills’ flavours aren’t that great, right?
Shiki, staring: hm... well, if it’s Ichijou who’s giving it to me –
[He reaches for the pills, but Takuma yanks them back]

Page 2:
Shiki, annoyed: What, Ichijou?
[Takuma’s hand is trembling]
Takuma: Shi-Shiki! Danger...
[Next panel, Takuma reacting strongly with Shiki looking confused] Danger, don’t come near me!
Shiki, looking exasperated: Since yesterday, Ichijou has been acting super weird
Takuma, incredibly cheerful: There’s no such problem, here, this is for you!
[next panel, looking terrible] No. No. No. Can’t do it!!
Shiki: ...

Page 3:
Rima: Ichijou’s been acting strange...?
Shiki: Hn... although he’s always been a strange person
But this... I feel Sara-sama is controlling half of his consciousness
Rima: ... Could he be thinking of helping a certain someone by staying by Sara-sama’s side and monitoring (the situation)?
Ah, speaking of which, is this the suspicious blood tablets? I got this from my roommate.
Shiki: Ah, yup, it’s this. [He grabs them and chucks one into his mouth, much to Rima’s horror]

Page 4:
Rima: Wait, wait, Shiki!
Shiki, chewing: We’ll only know after we taste it, right? Hm... taste alright.
... But... what is it... this taste...
Rima: Seriously... just because you are a vampire, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with your body.
Shiki: Thanks for worrying...
Rima: Of course...

Page 5:
[Vampire Hunters]
Yagari: What happened? Those two...
Kaito, sighing: Who knows what happened?
But... it’s so fickle, isn’t it? If the relationship between those two improves, then (we’ll) use their feelings for one another...

Page 6:
Yagari: It’s so that should anything happen, we can be assured she’ll be obedient [think of it as insurance for her good behaviour]. To have Yuuki Kuran on our side is a good thing.
Jinmu: It’s because she’s a pureblood vampire that can utilize anti-vampire weapons
...Although, we don’t know why...
[Door swings open, and in walks Kaien with a boy (Touma) slung over his shoulder]

Page 7:
Kaien: I’m back. Although I’ve also brought back a slightly embarrassed pureblood as a souvenir [Not sure what the “embarrassed” bit meant]

Page 8:
Association president is asking for you, you should go immediately
Maria: Zero-kun... although his complexion has always been a bit poor, it seems as though it’s recently gotten a lot worse.
If only I could help....

Page 9:
Sara, walking in: Hello everyone...
All the vampire students rises and bows: Sara-sama

Page 10:
Sara: Hello, Yuuki-san...
You look like you’ve just seen something strange... what is it?
Rima, glancing down: Shiki?
Shiki: Hn... what?
Rima: Uhn...

Page 11:
Hanabusa, setting down his jar of pills: Looks like it’s the same thing
Akatsuki told me investigate this stuff. So I guess now’s a good a time as any
Yuuki: Ichijou-senpai once said the new blood tablets will enter the market. I think this must be it...
Heard it was Sara who changed it...

Page 12:
Yuuki: Please let me know as soon as the results are out
Zero, no matter how reluctant, will have to report the reports of the inspection to the association.
Yagari: What are you planning on doing, bringing back a pureblood
Kaien: “Planning on doing” – I can’t just leave him there to die. Having escaped from the clutches of Kaname-kun, the association is the safest place.
He said the next one would be Sara Shirabuki.

Page 13:
Kaien: Although we don’t know if it’s true or not, we should inform her to be more careful.
Yagari: Oi, idiot man
Kaien, flinches: Uhn...
[Yagari punches Kaien]
Kaien: What are you doing?
Yagari: Seriously, can’t take it anymore.
You – are you being serious here?

Page 14:
Yagari: Isn’t it better to just leave it alone? Who cares if vampires kill themselves...
Kaien: Are you still bearing a grudge over what happened before?
Yagari: No, it’s not that!
If the purebloods have “that sort of intent,” do you know what they’re capable of doing?

Page 15:
Yagari: They can become not only a tyrant to the vampires, but also all of mankind –
[Image of Sara]
[Yuuki, reading a letter]

Page 16:
[Yuuki looks stunned, with some of the new blood tablets in her envelope]
[Zero sees Shiki leaning against a tree with the new capsules in his hand]
Shiki: ... What are you looking at
Zero: Nothing... Where’s your dorm president?

Page 17:
Shiki: Who knows? As soon as rest period comes, she’s nowhere to be seen
[Scenes of all Night Class students holding the new pills]
Zero, following Yuuki: The association president’s been calling for you, why don’t you care?
Yuuki: ... Because there’re things that need to be dealt with first

Page 18:
Zero: There’s a message from Kaname Kuran through the association president
Hanadagi and Ouri were all killed by his hands [I’m guessing the names here, I don’t know exactly which two deaths Zero’s referring to specifically]
The next one will be Sara Shirabuki...
“To be by that person’s side” nonsense is enough already...

Page 19:
Yuuki: Do you think... that’s what I’ll be thinking? ....
Thank you for the message... at least I know Kaname has not forgotten about me
Or maybe I’m that person’s chess piece...
Then, from this day forward, a chess piece will act like a chess piece would... do what it was intended to do in the position it was placed in...

Page 20:
Yuuki: In Kaname’s hands, one step, two step, three steps, I’ll go. Then, I will go to see him.
[Yuuki attempts to walk past Zero but he caught her arm]

Page 21:
They stare, Yuuki smiles: What are you doing?

Page 22:
[Zero lets go]
From the moment you want to start properly

Page 23:
Finally, you have a flower that will only bloom for you, but there will come a day it will be swallowed by Zero, hm...?
Doesn’t it matter?
It’ll be like this
Kaname: ... You’re just gathering remnants of my filthy existence, Rido... [Not 100% sure about this line]

Page 24
Kaname: I understand. So please don’t keep asking these questions again.
You... are me

Page 25
Seiren: ...Sama
[Kaname opens his eyes] I saw you having a rare dream, but it didn’t look like a good dream, so I thought to wake you up...
Because from here on out, there are a lot of things that must be done waiting for you...

Page 26
Yuuki: The institute that Aidou-senpai works for investigated the new blood tablets. It looks as if there’s something added that should not have been added.
Stuff derived from the blood of purebloods.
Sara: Ah, that... the number of children who enjoy it is ever increasing [And yes, Sara did use the word “children”]

Page 27
[Someone appears to be locked in a cupboard]
Yuuki: whose could it be? Of course, it’s not mine...
Then... who –
Sara: That’s right, it’s mine

Page 28
Yuuki: Sara-san, the blood flowing inside our body is a very dangerous substance
[Takuma steps in between them]
Sara: The blood we were born with... such rare powers of life... Don’t you feel if it was not fully utilized, then it would be no different being dried up... [i.e. if we don’t use it, it’ll just go to waste]
It’s not about who utilizes it but rather me letting my powers be utilized. Can’t that be so?

Page 29
Yuuki: That’s right
There’s absolutely no way I can allow it. Purebloods always do as they wish, causing consequences that others do not wish for, forcing them to do things they don’t want. [I think that’s the general gist of her words. Not 100% sure on the correctness of my translation though]
I will stop you
[Image of girl locked in the cupboard – is it just me or does she look like the guardian of the Hanadagi castle?]

Page 30
Sara: Heh heh... You... are talking about Kaname, right?
If you knew everything, then what would you do?

j'espère que vous apprécierez bye bye



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Lun 24 Oct - 11:13

Oh que oui !! Merci ! Very Happy



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Lun 24 Oct - 12:06

Ah bah tout était déjà sur le site XD
Mais c'est vrai que j'ai oublié d'ouvrir un sujet sur le fofo ><
Je fais ça de suite ^^
Merci lilyy.

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[VK] Chapitre 75 VF !

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